Alliance Companies


Management Strategy  
(1)Search and exploration of Potentials from Dormant Products
         With close search of information through our own networks and SP Advisory Board  
         SP investigate and identify target products with high success potentiality but put on
         the shelf and remain dormant by their pharma companies despite POC has been
         shown in the past clinical trials.  

(2)Development in the “BLUE OCEAN”
         Blue Ocean Environment (smooth and quiet water with less competition) should be
         the main battle field not in Red Ocean (bloody and competitive water) and is the best
         for development, sales promotion and access to the patients.

(3)Development by Professionals
         Fully committed in-house experts with the best expertise  of their success carrier in
         the therapeutic field stratify the final regulatory process/packages and coordinate
         with PMDA at an early stage of its development .   To secure its high quality
         development SP shall be in charge of essential parts of clinical developments and
         firms the routine works out to CRO.

(4)Keep profitability now and in the future

         In the area of onychomycosis, BFE1224 has no competition least in development
         (oral drugs) field and can be expected to grow continuously for not only the
         expansion of aged population with immune suppression but patients who can not
         access to two existing oral drugs. (population ratio with onychomycosis is around
         10 – 15% of all population. )