Corporate Profile

Name of company : Seren Pharmaceuticals Inc.

 Foundation : April 30th, 2010
                      (Change of business)

 Address : Postal Code 103-0013    
                   Nihonbashi DOLL-1 Bldg, 1-2-13,
                   Nihonbashi Ningyocho, Chuo-ku,
                   Tokyo, Japan
 Telephone : Tel: 03-5244-9343    
                       Fax: 03-5244-9344                     
 email :

Members of the Board :
       CEO, Akira Nakagawa
       COO, Daisaku Shimoda            
       Director, Masakazu Fukusakura
       Auditor, Takahiro Aihara

Capital : 92,370,000 yen (to date)

Banks : MUFG Bank
              Mizuho Bank


Corporate Chronology BEF1224(Fosravuconazole)

2010 Sep. Executed License Agreement with Eisai Co., Ltd. of Ravuconazole 
                     (BFE1224)(Fosravuconazole) for antifungal agent in the territory of 
                     Japan excluding Chagas’ disease.
2011 Jun. Phase 1 clinical trial notification in Japan of Fosravuconazole  with
                     PMDA (Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices Agency )
        Aug.  Ph1 clinical trials of Fosravuconazole initiated
          Dec.  Extended the licensed territory from Japan to word-wide (North
                    America, Europe and Asian countries) in the Agreement with Eisai.
2014 Mar.    Ph2 clinical trial completed
2014 Oct.    Ph3 clinical trial initiated
2016 Jun.    Ph3 clinical trial completed
2017 Jan.    NDA filed
2017 Oct.   Sato Pharmaceutical and Eisai to co-promote new oral antifungal
                    agent (press PDF)



Business Vision

1) By our internal experts with deep expertise about development, regulatory affairs and commercialization /marketing and external networks for search  of  new development and licensing possibilities we in-license products particularly of low priority for development in companies or slow in progress despite existing  with medical needs and their high commercial potential.  And we redesign development plans or narrow down the focus to indications of the program and perform the clinical trials in terms of time, cost and commercialization.
2) Making a contribution actively to solutions in the drug lag in Japan by developing pharmaceutical products in an expeditious way for which relevant  academic societies and other related organizations deem products to be  significantly necessary for patients.
3) Prior to the commercialization we build up a financial win-win structure with partners, pharmaceutical companies and other organizations, as well as having a burden and sharing  the development risks.